It’s over.

The relationship between my LDR and I is officially over. 

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable running this blog anymore. It triggers many emotions inside of me that remind me of our relationship and I do not need that, not at all. So I am making this account inactive and deleting it.

Before you guys start jumping at me with questions - 

He ended it. He did not love me anymore. I don’t stick around - ever - for people that do not feel the same way as I do with them. 

No, I’m not okay. I won’t be for a while. Our relationship was extremely important to me. 

Yes, I still love him. To be honest I don’t think I’ve loved anyone as much as I loved him. I don’t think anyone will have the amount of care for him that I had for him, ever. 

He made me discover my sexuality in whole. My sexuality is a huge part of my life. And not only what I like, not what turns me on. But my personality within my sexuality. My gender preferences. My views. My confidence. All of it. He brought all of it out of me. 

I no longer identify as a Sub, a little, a mistress or a slave. In order to move on, Im abandoning those lifestyles. I don’t think I’ll ever return to them. Because I was his sub, his little, his mistress and his slave. No one elses. I won’t ever be able to be anyone elses bdsm muse.

For the short time that I ran this blog I gained amazing friends, and I will keep in contact with all that I can.Thankyou for being there.


Kitten signing off.




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